Nadya Jackeline Von Stein


Nadya Jackeline Von Stein is a South African designer whose style and flair reflect her European heritage, African upbringing and passion for adventure and travel.
Nadya was born in South Africa to a German dad and an Italian mom. Her home merged the creative influence of her mom, coming from a line of Italian dressmakers, with the precise influence of a medical engineer father. This, together with a Cape Town childhood, provided Nadya with a unique launching pad to find her own identity and pursue her own way of doing things.


Creative, adventurous, independent – Nadya’s identity lies at the core of her work. She aims to share her culture, her unique take on life and her experiences through her design, in a sophisticated yet playful manner. Her work celebrates Africa, the resort style and the pleasure of travel.


Nadya finds inspiration in those close to her. “I am surrounded by women that inspire me, the first being my mother whose sense of style has remained timeless. My love and appreciation for classic silhouettes that are made well and do not age was born in her wardrobe. And as a playful person, I add my own sense of the unexpected to each garment designed. I want people to look at my work and feel joy as I do. Love what you do and do what you love.”


The influence of Africa with its wide-open spaces plays into Nadya’s work, with her colours reflecting the earth and garments structured to allow the wearer to actively enjoy being in this place, surrounded by nature. Her collection SS21 BLOOM is reminiscent of the practical and comfortable safari suit worn by generations to explore the continent of Africa.


Nadya’s muse is the female form and she creates products that celebrate the different shapes and silhouettes, accentuating the perfection of the female body.
This structured yet whimsical aesthetic is underpinned by an innate understanding of how to construct a garment, to mould to the female curve and form while still allowing for movement and comfort. This ability comes from a lifetime of sewing, an appreciation of the assembly of garments and an understanding of the pull and drape of the fabric, across the warp and weft and on the bias.


A keen awareness of the environmental impact of the design and clothing industry has prompted Nadya to find the most earth-friendly ways to produce her collection. “I’m drawn to working and creating with hemp linen and understanding the environmental impact fashion has on the planet.” Nadya also plans her manufacture and sales to eliminate holding unwanted stock and so reduce waste. Her investment garments with timeless design encourage wearers to use the piece for longer, thus reducing clothing disposal.


Nadya studied fashion at Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design, qualifying with a City and Guilds accreditation, part-time studies at Saint Martin's University in London, where she developed a keen eye for construction and a love for colour which she brings to each collection. She has since collaborated with PICHULIK to create seasonal capsule collections and after years of building a loyal and loved customer base, has created her own brand - NADYA VON STEIN.



Each piece from NADYA VON STEIN Resort & Bridal is made to order with care and quality, crafted from organic materials, and ethically handmade, each and every thread forming part of a wearable art piece.


“Handmade by Nadya, you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart.”