About Us

NADYA VON STEIN Resort and Bridal is a South African retail platform for Sustainable Luxury Hemp Linen Womenswear. The brand is inspired by adventurous women who want to look fabulous when taking on the world. We create collections that inspire travel and exploration and produce garments that celebrate different shapes and forms and accentuate the perfection of the female body. We are committed to conscious design - creating collections that produce less waste and use materials that are less harmful to the environment.  In this way, we encourage consumer choices that are in harmony with the world and its natural balance. 

Head designer Nadya is passionate about working sustainably and this has led to the choice of hemp linen as the primary fabric of the collection.  Hemp is a crop that yields more per acre than any other plant on the planet, while simultaneously regenerating the soil. Stronger than other natural fibers like cotton and with fibers that break down less frequently, hemp linen is a perfect fabric for designing garments with longevity in mind.  

Nadya enjoys the challenge of transforming a fabric that has traditionally been used in more casual dressing into garments that are sophisticated yet playful. Each item in the collection has a versatility that makes it ideal for a variety of settings including the Bridal Collection.

Every collection starts with a signature piece that informs the rest of the collection. Creating an anchor around which you can build your wardrobe. Each garment is beautifully constructed and tailored to ensure it will last season after season. 



NADYA VON STEIN Resort is committed to protecting our natural world and this forms one of our major pillars when designing. In order to achieve this, we choose fabric with a lower environmental impact and manufactures garments in a way that ensures longevity. In order to reduce overproduction and any waste of materials, we have elected to operate on a made to order system. This means that only garments wanted and purchased by consumers will be made up. In this way, we challenge the traditional problems of clothing manufacture and sale – waste, overconsumption, and frequent replacement of garments resulting in the disposal of clothing. Using production ingenuity we would like to make a difference to the industry and our environment.⁠